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For a while now this has been something highly requested.

Videos are something that’s great to have, but I’ve wanted to do them up to a certain standard.

So if this one is appreciated, you can expect more intro, support, strategy etc videos for more plugins.

You can see the 1080p version on YouTube as well (the above is 720p)


Edit: There’s been a couple of requests for the script, so you can read along with the video. So here you are…



This video will give you a brief overview of how WPSB works and what it can do for your blog. WPSB is an autoblogging plugin for WordPress that:

  • Posts unique content from 23 article and 16 media sources
  • Drip-feeds links from 13 web 2.0 sites
  • Auto monetizes your posts with 5 ad sources
  • Tracks everything with charts, graphs & logs

It’s a complete autoblogging package designed to get you traffic – then turn those eyeballs into commissions.
Ok, let’s dive in and checkout the dashboard…

The Dashboard

This is where you’ll get an overview of how your blog is performing. If you’re wondering what something does, just hover over it to see a brief description. Everything is also covered in full in the documentation.

So, at the top you can see how many Snowballs, Posts, Links and Clicks have been made on this blog so far.

Each new post you make starts a new “Snowball”. When a visitor first lands on this post, WPSB finds and posts related content, then links the posts together to create branching themes on your blog.

This means that you can just make 1 post (or use another autoblogging tool) and have an infinite supply of topically related content. You can see the types of link structure WPSB can create in the Snowball Graph.

Now, we need to talk about duplicate content for a minute. 100% duplicate content used to work, but it’s not so great with Google today. And fully-automatic spinning normally gives content with many errors, so I don’t use that.

What WPSB does is:

  1. Link posts together using in-post-snippets, boosting the overall uniqueness
  2. Reformat & clean content – then add images and videos
  3. The “One-Click Uniqueness Filter” makes unique changes to post content
  4. Adds custom spintax to the header and footer of each post
  5. Dictionary definition tooltips are added to relevant words

These 5 things have personally got me up to 96.61% unique content.

Ok, back on the dashboard there’s a mosaic-like graph showing the last 6 months of post activity, so you can easily see what’s been happening.

Sources Tab

On the Settings Tab you can enable content, media, link and monetization sources for your blog.

The content and media sources are really simple – just click to turn on and off. Each time a post is being made, a random content source will be chosen, and paired with a random media source. From these sources – WPSB has 11 Billion articles to choose from, so there’s something for every keyword.

Each link source shows you the format of accounts expected. You can get more info on this in the documentation. 2 useful sources to note here, are “Custom XMLRPC” and “Custom Email”. With those 2 alone – you can drip-syndicate your blog posts to any platform that allows post-by-email or XMLRPC. Links are scheduled with random future dates when a new post is made, and you can see what’s scheduled – and acquired – in the debugging box.

And then there’s monetization. WPSB will find relevant ads using keywords from the post content, auto-format, then include them inline with your post content. If you needs different ads – you can simply click “Force New Ads”.

So, you’ve got…

  • Targeted, unique content being posted
  • Backlinks acquired over time
  • And Built in monetization

…all hands-free.

If you’ve got ideas for more sources of any kind – please submit a feature ideas at support.codexplugins.com as I’d love to add more.

Settings Tab

I won’t go over every setting here (you can see detailed breakdowns for all this in the docs), but I’ll touch on a few interesting features.

You can:

  • Schedule new posts from 1 month ago, to 1 month in the future. This makes all your posts dates more natural.
  • You can use the “Fast Grow” option to post lots of content quickly to kick start a new blog.
  • You can automatically link lists of keywords to affiliate links. This supports wildcards for added power.
  • Auto modify post titles to include more keywords

Styles Tab

“Styles” are what WPSB uses to link posts together, make content more unique, and create branching topic chains. You can edit them to fit in with you blogs theme, or just pick one of the default ones. If you mess anything up by editing too much, just click the “Reset Styles” button at the bottom to bring back all the default ones.

Snowballs Tab

The Snowballs tab shows you what posts have just been made. When I’m testing a new blog, I use this to click post links to get a quick burst of new content.

Log Tab

This is where you see what’s been going on in more detail. There are 5 different kinds of log here, and you’ll get to know them as you use the plugin.

Strategy Ideas

So what can you do with WPSB? Here’s a few strategies to spark ideas…

1. The “Old Blog Booster”
WPSB can boost existing blogs (even White-Hat ones!). Just create a “News” category on your blog, and have WPSB make posts there. You’ll get more traffic to your blog, and can keep everything separate from your manual posts. WPSB can even “Post as Draft” in WordPress if you want.

2. Quick eCommerce Commissions
It’s simple to get commissions from Amazon every month if you set things up right. Pick an Amazon category and build a blog around it. Set WPSB with a high post rate, and use in-post ads from the Amazon category you picked.

3. AdSense Farming
Pick a high-paying Google AdSense keyword, and drip-feed WPSB content over time. You can use WPSB’s built-in backlink system to promote posts and get them ranked. Setup 1 blog a week, let them mature, and you’ll soon have a solid blog network.

4. Quick Flipping
Design a nice blog (in any niche) and let WPSB do it’s thing for a few months. Get some traffic stats behind the blog, then list your site on Flippa.com and sell for a healthy profit.

5. Autoblog Listbuilding
In a popup (and above the post content) – show an optin box to build your list. Then in the follow-up sequence, offer relevant affiliate products mixed with niche-tips for steady monthly commissions.

There are hundreds of possible strategies with WPSB, and of course there’s more details to each of the above ideas. Half the fun is reading and planning new sites, so I’ll be writing an in-depth guide explaining all this shortly.

If you’ve got any questions about WPSB – just shoot me an email to support@codexplugins.com

Thanks for watching 🙂

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  1. Excellent. Thumbs up !

    But a little default (for me.. as I am french) the speaker speaks too fast !!!

    Anyway, Il will appreciate when you send me your Strategy Ideas guide in pdf !!!

    I am thinking to expand my 3 sites version in some days… Can you send me any link to have a good price for more sites ?


    1. Sam emailed you earlier I think, but let me know if you still need anything.

      And yep the PDF should be very good 🙂

  2. Awesome! Looks great andy.

    Looking forward to some for WPI.
    I may have to get wpsb as a xmas gift for myself 😀

    1. Haha, well Merry Xmas then 🙂

  3. Professionally made video. Well done and great overview. Would like to see a video detailing monetization in greater depth showing the set-up of a wp blog (for beginners) with monetization results, i.e. day 1 till $ results achieved.

    1. Yep that’s another highly requested item.

      Apart from the strategy guide, there’s a whole bunch of case-study blogs in the works as well.

  4. so understands it!,, formally must request more sirs,, for seo this is very helpful plugin for me,, so yes to longer videos!

    1. I’d like to have several much longer ones for each plugin, really going into the details of setting it up for maximum effectiveness.
      So if this one goes well, they’ll be more.

  5. OMG i saw this a wihle ago but this video really showed me it. This is exactly what i’m needing for a project so i’ll get a copy later today.

    1 question for you: i tried another plugin like this before but it slowed my blog down to a crawl. how does your plugin work on large, established blogs?

    thanks 😀

    1. Yep I think I’ve used the one you’re talking about.

      WPSB does all it’s work in the background, so it won’t slow down your blog.
      When you make a new post – WPSB doesn’t do any work, so no slowdowns there.
      And when people are browsing around your site – WPSB does all it’s work on it’s own time (not your visitor’s), so it’s quick there too.

      But as with any WP install, just make sure you use a caching plugin as WP is itself quite slow (plus you can handle tons more traffic with caching).

  6. Love it! More please 🙂

    I’ really enjoyed the Strategy Ideas. Would love to hear some about redirection too!

    1. Yep redirection can be used well for WH and BH strategies. But BH cloaking specifically is something that will definitely be in the guide.

  7. Great video!
    Can just someone please explain how to use custom email and custom XMLRPC feature?
    In the custom email feature, do we need to enter any existing email address from the domain?
    I did read docs, but still cannot find the way to use it.


    1. Hey Nenad,

      For custom-email, you enter a list of email addresses (one per line). Then if that link source is chosen for a post, it will be scheduled for a future date. When that date arrives, a random email in the list will be emailed a snippet of the blog post. So you can auto-syndicate to any other social bookmarking or blogging sites that allow post-by-email. So the emails you enter are not from your WP blog. They are emails like myusername747-post-by-email@delicious.com (made up, but you get the idea).

      The same idea applies to XMLRPC, but the syntax is different (exact details in the docs for this syntax).


  8. ok so if i’m understanding this right i just get snowball then it will make money on it’s own?
    any other costs involved?
    also how long will it take?

    1. Hey Nick,

      If you’ve not done autoblogging before and are unsure about WordPress then no – it won’t work like that.
      But if you know how autoblogging works, then pretty much, yes.

      As with all questions like this though, it depends on your niche, keywords, content strategy, monetization options, WPSB settings etc.
      For example, if you pick a keyword with no traffic and no-one selling things in the market, then you won’t get very far.

      As for other costs – you’ll have the usual webhosting and domain expenses.

      And how long will it take? It depends on what you want, and all the things above (keywords, niche etc) – as well as if this is a new, or existing blog.
      I don’t know what strategy you’re planning on using with WPSB, but I’ve seen blogs get traffic within the hour, all the way up to “never”.

      It needs all the details going into really, which is why I’m writing the strategy guide mentioned in the video 🙂


  9. oh yeah this is a sweet video 😀

    a few questions if that’s ok…

    1. does the plugin come with a guarantee?
    2. are you planning to add more features?
    3. how does it compare to wprobot?

    mamy thanks

    1. Sure:

      1. Yes, 30 days. So just email me and I’ll refund anytime within 30 days if you don’t like it.
      2. Definitely. Checkout the current top voted requests here: http://support.codexplugins.com/
      3. I’ll probably do a full write up later, but WPSB wins hands down. WPR is now a pretty old plugin, and it shows.


  10. Cool vid.

    I’ve got the 300 blog version and it would be very useful indeed to have a series of step-by-step videos for setting it up and making the most of all the features.

    I’m keen not to leave any stone unturned with this plugin, as from my first tests – it seems *very* powerful.

    Happy Christmas

    1. Yep step by step tutorials are on the cards.

      Looks like I’ve got my work cut out for me over the next few weeks 🙂

  11. In Opera I couldn’t see the Vimeo video, had to click through to YouTube.

    But looks pretty slick, I agree with the others here.

    Looking forward to that strategy guide – looks like a winner there.

    Is that something you’ll charge for, or will it be free?


    1. Hmmm – weird about Opera – I’ll check into that.
      The guide will probably be free for everyone, but will certainly be free for WPSB clients.


  12. Can I request that you go deep on autoblog listbuilding?

    Sounds really interesting – I can see big potential there.

    1. Yep, will do.

      It’s one of my favorites actually, but you need to get the visitor flow right as it’s a bit different from usual.

      1. Sounds interesting. Looking forward to the details.

  13. I work with non profits and would love to see the pdf. I am looking for ways
    to help charities build stronger and more powerful relationships and thus
    increase their loyalty factor and donations. This looks like it might
    be a great tool. Any ideas along that line would be helpful.

    Merry Christams

    1. Yep sounds like you could get a lot out of it.

      Happy New Year 🙂

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