WP Snowball has been drastically upgraded…

A lot’s happened with Snowball recently, and you might like to see the results…

WP Snowball has been the latest plugin to have a complete makeover. When thinking about what to include in the update, we thought it should be simpler and more effective to get clear results.

So here’s what we did:

Redesigned UI

The new dashboard is now split into 3 sections:

  1. Key Stats

    This shows you total numbers for Snowballs, Posts, Links and Clicks(more on those in a minute). This is really useful to see at a glance how the blog is progressing.

  2. Snowball Graph

    Now this is a real improvement to the UI, you can now see the structure of your most recent Snowball – you can even click on a post to add more snowballs

  3. Post Frequency Table

    This completes the dashboard and means that you’ve got all the info on the dashboard, easily viewable. It shows you how much you’ve been posting – so you can find out the perfect post-rate for your blog.

  4. Snowball 2 Dashboard

    Improved Content

    When it comes to the content it collects, there’s now 39 different sources. And Snowball does a lot more changing of the posts to make it more unique (we’ve got up to 92.8% unique, although this will depend on your settings and sources). This will mean you’ll get more Google-love, and more traffic – which brings us onto the next feature.


    Links are automatically syndicated for each post from 12 different sources. All you need to do is enter in accounts, then Snowball uses these to grab you links to your posts.



    You may have noticed the monetization section at the bottom, this is a key update we added to make Snowball the complete autoblogging solution. You can enter your details of any of the networks, and Snowball will automatically monetize your blog, and we’re not just talking plain html links (although it has them too).

    This now makes WP Snowball a truly complete package as it posts content, gets links, and monetizes everything to bring some $$$ into your affiliate accounts.

    You want it early?

    Snowball 2 is being launched on the 24th of October (this month), but if you’ve already got Snowball, you can have a play with the free upgrade as soon as it’s out of beta. I’ll be shooting you all an email in the next few days to give you more info.

    As this is such a big update, we’re going to be relaunching it, with a new pricing system and an attractive affiliate offer (shoot me an email if you’re interested). But if you’ve already got a copy of the old version, you get the update free – it’ll be available to you for download soon.

    If you’ve any questions about Snowball 2, please ask 🙂 The test blogs haven’t been running for that long, but they’re looking very good so far.

    Sam & Andy

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