Here’s how you can get 167 comments to your next blog post

It sucks.

You’ve setup a niche blog, done everything right, but your posts gets no comments. We’ve all been there – it even happened to me on a new niche blog the other day.

But the bottom line is this:

Increasing Interaction Boosts You Blog’s Authority

This may sound strange but when you increase interaction on your blog your authority goes up in your visitors (and Google’s) mind. This also means that they are more likely to return to check what others have said in response.

More importantly this can lead to…

  • More people clicking on affiliate links (and more likely to convert)
  • Boosts in the amount of email signups
  • Lower bounce rates
  • Increased ranking due to regular unique content (comments)

I’d spent a lot of time a while ago making a blog. Putting unique and quality content on it and marketing, but the traffic soon tailed off. Trying to find out why I looked at other (successful) blogs in that niche and I saw that the main difference was user interaction, more specifically comments
So I added a few comments to get things started.

That same site became full of real user comments, and helped out my rankings too. Google classifies comments as content too – so with every single comment my blog was getting new content.

After wondering about how to automate this I came up with the idea of WP Commenter. A plugin to automatically add realistic, niche specific comments to posts.



So, why should you care?

I know many of you (like me) have tried other commenting plugins and found them to give low quality or completely irrelevant comments that can be seen a mile away. This is what I wanted to avoid with WP Commenter so I decided to add a template section in the settings where you can add your own spintax making every comment niche-specific.


Make 1 – 167 comments per post


Choose when you want them to be published


Add custom spintax to make comments niche-specific



So I’ve now released v1.0.0 of WP Commenter and already come up with some ideas to make it better. One idea is to make the comment bots talk to each other. I’d love your thoughts on this and other ideas so if you have a minute, check out the next features that are being voted on.

Check out WP Commenter Here

You can vote on new features for WP Commenter here. I’m working on a good selection of default comment spintax templates now and I’ll let you know as soon as these are ready so you can download them. Having said that you’ll get better results if you tweak your spintax for each niche, this way it’ll help you rank for nice niche-specific keywords.

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