You’ve been asking how this is going, I’m pleased to say its ready.


I created WP SEO HQ as I was constantly using different programs to do seo tasks, loosing the programs and wasting lots of time looking for them only to find they are not working properly.

SEO HQ is a plugin that helps with this as tools are neatly kept together in an accessible place. As with WP Indexer, I’ve set up the system so you can vote for more features or more tools to be added in the next update.

Here’s a rundown of the features so far;

  1. Bulk Pinger

    This pings the list of url’s you give, you can select it’s own pinglist, or even what you have entered into WordPress (or both).

  2. Domain Checker

    Using a Namecheap API, you can search for domains available by entering your keywords into the two boxes. This saves time as it checks them all and shows you a list of available domains.

  3. Keyword Finder

    By entering keyword(s) into the box this finds a list of relevant keywords you can use, using the loop function to checks keyword’s of the keywords getting a nice big list for you.

  4. Rank Checker

    Put your sites into the box, then the keywords in the other. This checks your rank for the keywords in Google (0 means not in top 100).

  5. Serp Scraper

    My personal favorate, you can find url’s of any search term you provide, for example any article from ezines that are about affiliate marketing. This gives you a nice list of articles to play with.

  6. Text Spinner

    A simple yet effective spinner that’s easy to use, this randomly gives you the requested amount of spins from your spintax.

  7. Twitter Checker

    If you need to know how many accounts are active from a list, or how many followers etc, this lets you paste a list in and checks them all for you.
    twitter checker


As soon as the next update comes out, the price will increase. If you download now you’ll get upgrades for life and the chance to say what you want in updates.

As an introduction offer, I’m giving you a discount if you get in early use ‘intro1’ as the coupon code to get SEO HQ for $27.

Click here for WP SEO HQ


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