WPI 1.1.1 update

Firstly, I hope you found it easy to upgrade 🙂

For more info on the upgrade, or help CLICK HERE

With version 1.1.1 of WP Indexer, there is a new support feature in the plugin that means that you can find answers and get support from within the plugin. This includes a knowledgebase where you can find solutions to things that have come up before.

There are a few minor changes as well in this version, such as adding a target=’_blank’ attribute to authority links.

The interesting update is that you can now vote for the features you want in the plugin (or add your own), and I will add the ones with the most votes in the next update.


From now, it will be quicker and easier to use the support section for any questions.


From the section in the plugin you can see features at a glance and you can click ‘browse ideas’ to vote and suggest your ideas for implementation in a future update. There is going to be another update soon so make sure you have your say and vote for what you want in WP Indexer. This means that WPI will become better and better at WordPress indexing.

This has been introduced to make it easier for users and as it takes less time for me to manage, leaving me with more time to be able to add more features, and make plugins better.

I’m exited to see what features I will be adding to the next update.


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