WPSB V2.2.0 With Fast-Grow Feature

So – we’ve just finished the recent update for WP Snowball – I’m sure the new features will help you (they’re already helping me set up blogs)
Click here to Upgrade (and here for the FAQ’s)


Here’s the headlines of the update:

New Fast Grow Feature

This is the main feature of this update – you can use this to rapidly grow Snowballs – which is great for getting a new blog up and running with a few posts (without having to click around too much)

New Post scheduling feature

You can now tell WPSB to schedule the posts it makes for a random time in between two time periods (adjustable in the settings)

Added Search Keyword To Amazon

This means you’ll have even more control over the type of product WPSB displays for you – you can select between seed keyword (a keyword from the post that started the Snowball) or core keyword (the relevancy keywords you entered in the settings)

Shortcodes now Work in the Header/Footer Spins (and the title template)

You can now use any shortcode you like in these sections, standard WordPress or a different plugin’s – just enter it as part of the spintax and WPSB will do the rest.

Added Minimum Length Posts

We’ve added a minimum post length of 300 words – so we don’t get any small posts. You can now change the minimum length to what you want.

Added Affiliate button to WPSB affiliate source.

This makes it easier to get up and running promoting WPSB – just click the button to sign up.

Solved Adsense issue

In some circumstances, there was a conflict that caused adsense blocks to display incorrectly – this is now resolved.

I’ll be updating the support docs for these updates soon so they’ll all be dealt with in depth there – and I’ll shoot you an email with the details.

So make sure you’ve updated the plugin, you can do this by clicking the ‘update’ button in the Codex download area. Then have a play around with the settings

If you’ve got any questions at all let me know – the update is live now so you can update whenever you’re ready.


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  1. Wow !! it seems that the upgrade is almost perfect. My aim was mainly to see my blog growing alone ( i have set up to 99 levels to make real autoblog). I hope this new version resolves this problem for me.
    Thanks for the upgrade ans the improvement !

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