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Thank you

For all the votes you’ve given and I’m pleased to say your most requested plugin is nearly here…

As you may know, you can vote on features you want to see in your plugin (you can also vote on a plugin you’d like me to make) Here’s what you’ve been voting for so far

WP Indexer‘s most voted features:

  • Email reports
    Which will send you emails with info about how your blog is indexed, weekly or monthly. Also, if your indexation drops by a certain amount an email will be sent giving you warning.
  • Media XML Sitemap
    Now, I could do with your feedback on this one. I’m thinking of making it generate several different sitemaps for pages/posts/tags etc.
  • Chart showing indexation over time
    This will show you how the indexation is improving over time, and will give you a great insight into what type of content and strategy works best.
  • Add more Auth links
    I’ve put this one as planned. I’ll add around 100 more sources to get links.

I’ll be getting stuck in to making the most voted features very shortly after I’ve released the next plugin, so there’s still time for some more voting.


WP Commenter’sĀ  most voted feature:

  • Better commenter names
    I could make this work in a variety of ways like adding a last name, having a username (e.g spiderman325) or a mix of them all.

I’m going to wait for a few more votes on this before I release the next version, so if you’ve any ideas let me know šŸ™‚
There’s great ideas here and I can’t wait to get started on them.

Now, I’ve been a bit secretive about the next plugin I’m going to bring to the table.
But now I’m going to spill the beans…

WP Linker

This is an idea I’ve wanted to do for a while, so thanks for voting for it so I could make it šŸ™‚

The problem with many other link getting tools is that they’re just not natural. By this I mean that they get a bunch of links as a one-off campaign, then nothing. Search engine silence. And that’s not a good thing, because it doesn’t mimic organic backlink acquisition.

And ESPECIALLY with Penguin 2.0 coming our way, this (along with a few other critical points I’ll get into later on) will make or break you blog in the future.

So what makes WP Linker different?

I’ve made some interesting link structures for you all to use, I’ve been testing these out and I’ll give you more info later but the results are very surprising šŸ™‚
Here are the ones I’ve added so far (you can fully customize them)

  • Link-Chain
  • Link-Wheel
  • Link-Pyramid
  • Link-Bundle
  • Link-Web
  • Link-Bomb

I’ll be explaining each one in detail in a later post. You can even create your own.

Right now I’m tweaking these features for the first version…

  1. Multi step, drip-feed syndication per post
    This is the core of WPL and allows you to make steps to create the links over time.
  2. Link destinations customizable
    Choose the destination of each link, meaning you can create whatever pattern you want. Be creative!
  3. Account list management (create, edit, delete, view)
    Account management the simple way… The copy and paste way. Add all of your accounts easily to different lists.
  4. Pinging of new links
    Bulk pings every new link with functions designed to be feather-light on your server.
  5. Mix in RSS news feeds before syndicating
    Ensuring every post isn’t a carbon copy of the original. This also adds even more relevant keywords by adding up-to-date relevant news.
  6. 9+ Web 2.0 sites to post to (no limit for number of accounts)
    Create your link networks with 9 web 2.0 sites, and unlimited accounts of each.

You want aĀ  link wheel to every post?….Got it

Heck, you could have 100’s of links, in whatever pattern you could dream of to each post. Here’s a look at WP Linker…

So, one extra thing WPL does (I’m working on this now) is not just syndicate your content to a bunch of sites. You’ll be able to mix your content with a variety of other sources to make it unique (or run it through a spinning API if that’s your thing). So you’ll end up with organic link building campaigns for every post, and the links will all be in-content on web 2.0 sites using unique content.

And because we can customize the linking patterns and build in randomization, WPL will be able to adapt to any Google changes that come our way.

And that’s why I’m excited about this one šŸ™‚



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