WP Snowball Intro Video

For a while now this has been something highly requested. Videos are something that’s great to have, but I’ve wanted to do them up to a certain standard. So if this one is appreciated, you can expect more intro, support, strategy etc videos for more plugins. You can see the 1080p version on YouTube as

WPSB V2.2.0 With Fast-Grow Feature

So – we’ve just finished the recent update for WP Snowball – I’m sure the new features will help you (they’re already helping me set up blogs) Click here to Upgrade (and here for the FAQ’s)   Here’s the headlines of the update: New Fast Grow Feature This is the main feature of this update

WP Snowball has been drastically upgraded…

A lot’s happened with Snowball recently, and you might like to see the results… WP Snowball has been the latest plugin to have a complete makeover. When thinking about what to include in the update, we thought it should be simpler and more effective to get clear results. So here’s what we did: Redesigned UI

WP Snowball v1.5.2 (You’ll want to see this)

There’s been a lot of work done on WP Snowball recently. It’s had some substantial upgrades. I’ll touch on some of the more interesting ones, then show you the full change log at the bottom. As usual, you can grab the latest version from the members area. WPSB is now a really, really powerful plugin.

WP Indexer V1.2

You’ve been voting for a few months now, and 443 votes later – your most wanted are now part of Indexer. I think what everyone’s been looking forward to the most (even me) is the external url feature. This opens so many future possibilities and it’s a clear time-saver. Here’s exactly what’s changed: Feature –

As Requested: Link network examples for WPL

I’ve been asked to get together some examples of how to use the syndication tab, so I’ve made this to give you an idea. If there’s anything you don’t understand, or want more detail, leave a comment so we can help. So you can consider this post a beginners How-To on getting a good syndication

WP Linker – Automate WordPress Link Wheels

I asked you to vote on which plugin you wanted next, and there was a clear winner. You want links, so you voted for this, and WP Linker is now ready. I’ll keep this post short and sweet as you can read all the details here: I’ve got big plans for the future development

WPI 1.1.1 update

Firstly, I hope you found it easy to upgrade 🙂 For more info on the upgrade, or help CLICK HERE With version 1.1.1 of WP Indexer, there is a new support feature in the plugin that means that you can find answers and get support from within the plugin. This includes a knowledgebase where you